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280+ pages of real McKinsey case interview questions
incl. solutions for serious McKinsey case interview prep.

With this ebook you will be well prepared for the McKinsey interviewer-led cases, thus being more confident and having less stress in your interviews as you won't get caught off-guard by the different dynamics of interviewer-led vs. candidate-led cases.

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About The McKinsey Case Book

Even though the process of how to solve case interviews is much more important than solving specific cases, basically all candidates ask during our recruiting events where they can get realistic McKinsey case questions for their interview prep.

Therefore I started to compile real McKinsey interview cases over the last couple of years. The collection was growing and growing, and it proved to be very helpful for all interview candidates.

Finally it was time to put them all together and make them available to McKinsey candidates here on this website.

Hope this helps & have fun!

What Others Are Saying


"During my case interview prep I was looking out for some realistic interview cases and found the McKinsey Case Book website. And the cases really proved to be incredibly helpful in my case interview prep, as they helped me to specifically prepare for McKinsey-style interviewer-led cases. For sure the McKinsey Case Book finally helped me to get an offer, so definitely recommended."

- Laila, California


"Some of my peers recommended this ebook to me, and it was definitely worth the money. It contains lots of cases of varying difficulty level, also including very detailed solutions, so I could also use it well in my mock interviews on The good thing is that it is an ebook, so you can download it instantly."

- Andrew, London


"I joined McKinsey as experienced hire in the Pittsburgh office and I more or less needed to go through McKinsey’s standard interview procedure. Being out of business school for quite some time, I did not have any case interview practice since my internships in management consulting. So the McKinsey Case Book served me very well to prepare myself, and getting my hands on realistic interview cases was important to me to get an idea about how difficult those cases can get and how interviewer-led cases are progressing throughout the case."

- Peter, Pittsburgh